A new look at an old institution.


We developed a new brand identity and creative platform for CBC that brought previously unrecognized properties to life and increased the relevance of CBC to a younger audience in Canada.


  • Created a new buzz around an aging brand.
  • Successfully incorporated the past with a fresh look forward.
  • Drew attention from a valuable audience.

Key Challenge

CBC’s audience is aged and dying off. New, younger and racialized audiences see it as an old news organization.

Strategic platform


The audience for CBC is aging out without enough interest for new audiences to get on board.


Update the brand’s colour palette and utilize the distinctive shapes in the CBC logo to leverage latent nostalgia and revive an aging brand.


Use these distinctive shapes, colour triggers and a kinetic new identity to create a brand system that could work across the full range of CBC outputs.

Creative strategy

Bring a fresh energy to all communication to drive increased recognition and trigger reappraisal.

The Results
of the audience was left with an improved impression of CBC.
improved impression among racialized audiences.

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