Ambitions. Made. Real.


We rebranded CIBC by putting the brand purpose at the centre of the storytelling – Ambitions. Made. Real.


  • Made a same old, same old big bank feel more human.
  • Gave consumers a chance to connect and tap into their own ambitions.
  • Became omnipresent in all corners of the country.

Key Challenge

How do you get people to embrace a new purpose from the same old bank?

Strategic platform


CIBC is a reliable old bank, but not as exciting as new and innovative fintech companies.


Create a highly resonant brand platform that would differentiate CIBC by showing as much focus on humanity as functionality of finance.


Create highly emotive impressions with stories grounded in real life experiences from real CIBC customers.

Creative strategy

Create a platform that speaks to everyone by connecting with the hundreds of unique, individual ambitions of CIBC’s audiences.

The Results
in brand consideration among clients and highest recall among the big banks.
increase in sales across CIBC’s lines of business.
of Canadians perceived CIBC as modern and innovative.

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