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We started a small business ourselves to prove that anyone could start an online business of their own using GoDaddy’s new tools. As a result, we had Jonas Valanciunas of the Raptors create a site selling miniature figurines of himself online.


  • Created something of value that was memorable.
  • Expanded viewpoints on what GoDaddy could offer.
  • Engaged with Raptors fans and made a positive impression

Key Challenge

People knew GoDaddy as a brand that sold domain names. They didn’t know that the brand offered a complete suite of small business solutions.

Strategic platform


People know GoDaddy is the place for domain names, but that’s where their knowledge stops.


Create a small business from scratch to show GoDaddy knows small business.


An omni-channel approach to cover all aspects of the consumer journey.

Creative strategy

Broadcast and online advertising, in-stadium sponsorship and events pieces, digital ad units that drove consumers to a custom website. A large-scale PR program extended the reach and supported the campaign.

The Results
revenue increase during the campaign
6 million
views and 45 million impressions generated.
Jonas Valanciunas figures remaining after a few days.

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