Meet the Institute of Thrillology


We created the Institute of Thrillology – a physical manifestation of Nissan’s brand promise. This encompassed a team of researchers we called Thrillologists and the stars of the show, the Nissan vehicles.


  • Dealerships added a valuable boost of science
  • Car Shows and Events got more thrilling.
  • Website thrilled visitors.
  • Digital + social + CRM kept thrilling the leads.

Key Challenge

We needed to disrupt our audiences’ decision-making process – we need them to expand their consideration set to include emotional criteria too.

Strategic platform


I don’t really have an opinion about Nissan.


Showcase culturally relevant and inspiring real-human outcomes enabled by Nissan technology.


Disrupt our audience’s decision-making process and expand their consideration set to include emotional criteria.

Creative strategy

The experience strategy drove participation by creating an emotional connection with the brand and providing a seamless experience across all touchpoints.

The Results
growth in the sales funnel by widening the “choke point” between Awareness to Consideration.
above benchmark for “Ad made me think differently about the brand”.
rise in per unit sales gross profit.

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