Signal for Help

An impactful way to help those most in need.


We developed a toolkit to combat domestic violence and save lives globally.


  • Breakthrough digital-first campaign
  • Educational campaign that broke through to all canadians
  • Creative and strategy managed all in-house
  • Innovative & disruptive – proven ability to gain attention

Key Challenge

How to create an impact to curve a massive but invisible issue in society when everyone is locked behind doors?

Strategic platform


Gender-based violence is bad, but none of my business.


Signals for help require responders.


Shock proof our system for a gender-based violence free society.

Creative strategy

A cultural shift in how the world was communicating changed what women in danger could ‘say’.
We were inspired by the collective and near-instantaneous shift to video calls during the pandemic.

The Results
Lives saved (that we know of).
Ranked campaign globally by The Good Report.
Media Dollars Spent.
Earned media.
Earned impressions.

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