New York Fries

Tasty tracks.


We created the world’s first Shazam-able delivery discount.


  • Gave people incredibly fun music they loved.
  • Provided people with a reward for engaging with the brand.
  • Successfully gained attention for delivery options.

Key Challenge

Food court orders were thriving, but we needed to do something big to drive sales to delivery services like DoorDash.

Strategic platform


People look for New York Fries at the mall, not by delivery.


Create a breakthrough opportunity to engage with consumers by including the discount in song lyrics.


Partner with Spotify and Apple Music to give consumers a chance to access the track and the promo code anywhere, anytime.

Creative strategy

Identify three genres of music laser-targeted to our audience and write and record tracks with original lyrics to stop the scroll and induce cravings for New York Fries.

The Results
increase in hot dog sales.

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